Time Vaughan - Friday Booth - Friday Ritchie - Friday
1000 ATT&CKing with Threat Intelligence Tech Warrior Camp at Standing Rock: Lessons for Keeping the Lights On and the Livefeeds Streaming
1100 A Conversation on Internet Censorship Torrent More Pharmaceutical Drugs: File Sharing Still Saves Lives What Should Go into a dotMOBI Website?
1200 The Onion Report The Right to Repair Panel ENIAC: The Hack That Started It All
1300 Spotlight on SecureDrop: Anonymous Whistleblowing in the Trump Era Go FERPA Yourself: Checking Your Student Record Hacking Healthcare: Bringing a Hacker Mindset to Solving Healthcare’s Biggest Problems
1400 Tracing Invisible Neighborhoods: The Brooklyn Pirate Radio Sound Map ArduTouch Music Synthesizer Kit: Music Generation for Newbies Sex Worker Rights and Internet Freedom
1500 Crossing the Border in the Age of Trump Qubes OS: The Operating System That Can Protect You Even If You Get Hacked Homebrew 68K Retrocomputing on Low Cost FPGA Boards
1600 Social Engineering Is the Internet Sick? Findings from Mozilla’s Internet Health Report
1700 It Takes a Village to Hack a Voting System U.S. and E.U. Legal Updates: Privacy, Security, and Liability The Hype is Over, So What is Desktop 3D Printing Really About?
1800 Dark Caracal: How to Burn a Spy Agency and Get Away with It Hip-Hop Can Hack Everything! Solutions from a Culture of Innovation Why Trade Secret Law Can’t Stop Hackers
1900 Trolling the Trolls and the Trolls That Troll Them Surveillance Architecture: 21st Century Surveillance and the Tools to Fight Back I Dream of Game Genies and ZIP Files - Hacking the NES
2000 The Locksport Variety Hour with TOOOL and Friends... Now with 100 Percent More Hour! Phonopticon: Leveraging Low Rent Mobile Ad Services to Achieve State Actor Level Mass Surveillance on a Shoestring Budget DIY Music Concert: Live Performances
2100 (continued) The U.S. Press Freedom Tracker: Documenting Attacks on the Press in the Age of Trump (continues)
2200 Life Before 1337: The Hacker’s Illustrated Guide to Script Kiddie History Your Blockchain Sucks (continues)
2300 New Cryptography Your IoT Roommate and You - Living with the Enemy (continues)
2359 Movie: Glossary of Broken Dreams SpellCheck: The Hacker Spelling Bee (continues)
Time Vaughan - Saturday Booth - Saturday Ritchie - Saturday
1000 Updates on I-Star Organizations from the Bullshit Police "Help! My Toaster’s Attacking Me!" and Other 911 Calls of the Future: An Update on the Legal and Policy Landscape for the Internet of Things Inspiring the Next Next Generation of Hackers
1100 Barrett Brown Onstage Interview The Problem With The Hacker Mystique Lessons from an Undergraduate Course in Cybersecurity and Cyber Warfare - Is Our Children Securing?
1200 (continues) $500 Billion Broadband Scandal: It’s Time to Break Up AT&T... Again NotPetya: Ransomware vs. Cyber Action
1300 Ask the EFF: The Year in Digital Civil Liberties The Phone System Is Dead - Long Live The Phone System! Surveillance Psychiatry and the Mad Underground
1400 Chelsea Manning Onstage Interview Chelsea Manning Onstage Interview Chelsea Manning Onstage Interview
1500 (continues) (continues) (continues)
1600 Cybersquatting on the Trump Campaign: A Bizarre Tale of Real Fake News The Enron Email Corpus: Where the Bodies Are Buried? Accessibility, Dammit!
1700 How Your Personal Information is Obtained and Exploited to Manipulate Your Emotions, Your Actions, and Your Vote Evidential Study of IoT Botnets - The Bad and The Ugly! The DMV and You: Where Identity Meets The Road
1800 (continues) How a Hackerspace Built a Legal FM Radio Station Introduction to User Freedom
1900 (continues) Creating a Radio Time Machine: Software-Defined Radios and Time-Shifted Recordings Futel: The Payphone, Devolved
2000 How to Pwn an Enterprise in 2018 (and 2019, and 2020...) "And This Is It?" - What Went Wrong with Surveillance Reform After Snowden Scientific and Amateur Analysis of the Facebook Algorithm
2100 Radio Statler! A Decade of Doing it Live! The Encrypted Notes of Antonio Marzi Being Mean to Software Patents
2200 Trolling, Free Speech, and the Hacking of Our Media/Attention Landscape Snowden’s Critical Fuckin’ Flaw Making Sense of the Ether
2300 The Demoscene: How Software Piracy Birthed an Underground Art Scene Liberate Your E-book Reader with fread.ink! Breath of the RF Field: Hacking Amiibo with Software-Defined Radio
2359 Demopalooza! Hackers Got Talent
Time Vaughan - Sunday Booth - Sunday Ritchie - Sunday
1000 OpenOversight: XKEYSCORE for Cops - Tracking and Surveilling Your Local Police Department Programming 1980s Lego Robotics Autocrypt: End-to-End Encrypted Email for Everyone
1100 History of the Maker Movement Free Geek Panel - Reusing and Recycling Old Computers For Fun and Nonprofit Basement MEMS: Tools, Processes, and Techniques for Producing Microelectromechanical Systems on a Shoestring
1200 We Must Legislate to Block Collection of Personal Data The Sex Geek Returns: Hacking Plus Human Sexuality AMA
1300 (continues) Hacking Extradition: Fighting the Long Arm of U.S. Law Protecting Whistleblowers: An In-Depth Look Within the GlobaLeaks Platform
1400 End of File Free Expression, Privacy, and the Role of Tech Companies: Where Do We Go From Here? Tor: The Dark Arts of Attack and Defense
1500 Mixing DTMF Tones in Space, Illuminating the Aurora with Giant Cat Pics, and Other True Stories About HAARP Networked Authoritarianism Securing the Delivery of Email
1600 EMP, CME, and the Electronic Apocalypse Hackers and Shamans - Travelers of the Black Box Owning NFC Toys I Own: A Case Study
1700 Online Monitoring of the Alt-Right Four Arguments on Why State Hacking is Bad Reverse Engineering a Portable USB Firewall Appliance and Its Hardware Improved Recreation
1800 Sensors Everywhere! What’s Available, How They Work, and How You Can Use Them Mad (Data) Science - Teaching AI to Pop Boxes
1900 Closing Ceremonies